Talc in Agriculture Industry

Agriculture Industry:

Agriculture is the process of producing food, fodder, fiber and other products needed by humans through the cultivation of certain plants. Agriculture is an important stage in human history that led to the emergence of civilization. The use of talc in the preparation of chemicals is another application of talc that is used in agriculture. This mineral is especially useful due to its chemical ineffectiveness and compatibility with various toxic substances. This mineral facilitates the physical and cleansing properties of indicators and increases their effects. Talc is used in agriculture for disposal of microbe vectors and as material diluents, a dry carrier for insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, antifungal and fertilizers.

Talc used in agriculture is in the form of fine grains and powders that can be soaked. Talc is magnesium supplier in plant fertilizer. Also, a very small amount of talc is used as a diluent in the production of fertilizers and causes the scattering of substances in the soil.