Talc in Agriculture Industry

Talc Powder, we all have been familiar with this material, this is one of the most important industrial minerals and is one of the most common minerals that has been preferred in a wide range of applications and various industries. Talcum Powder, the name itself has been derived from the mineral itself and has been used in most urban homes all over the world. The use of the talc was known to the civilizations in antiquity. Talc possessed many physical as well as mechanical properties that uniquely suit the fertilizer formulation and other agricultural activities.
Application Of Talc Powder in Agriculture:
Talc powder is considered to be hydrophobic in nature which means that it repels water and as a result of which it has been used as an anti-caking agent in the formulation of the fertilizers which prevents them from the formulation of lumps and stickiness.
Another major benefit of talc being used in the agriculture industry is that it is chemically inert in nature and does not react with other elements or compounds and because of this property it has been used as a carrier for animal feed, pesticides ad insecticides.

Talc powder has a lamellar structure which provides it with a firm coating on other particles in any given mixture. Hence talc powder acts as a glidant and covers the surface irregularities of the other substances, thereby reducing them inter particular friction. The resulting improvement in powder flows is appropriate dispersion of fertilizers.
Another way in which talc powder is used in the agricultural industry is that it has been used as a solid lubricant due to its low shear strength.
Talc powder is used as an agent for pesticides & fertilizers which helps to protect the fields & crops from harmful insects & bacteria. It also acts as an alternative for UV protection of fruit crops. Due to its medicinal properties, it absorbs moisture and reduces friction minimizing sweat production and preventing fungal infections. It doesn't lose its beneficial properties with the passage of time and can be used throughout the year whether it be winters or summers. In sports industry it is used by players to keep hands dry and while playing carom it is used for the smoothening of the surface of carom board to slide the striker hitting the other playing disks.

Talc is an effective anti-caking agent, dispersing agent and dies lubricant that helps the animal feed and the fertilizer plants to function in a more efficient way. In agricultural chemicals, it has been considered as an ideal inert carrier. Talc powder is also used as an anti-stick coating agent in a number of food products including chewing gum, boiled sweets and also for rice polishing. In olive oil production, talc powder as a processing aid increases the yield and improves the clarity of the oil. Our industry aims at providing the best talc powder products and other classified grade products. Talc is the softest mineral and a gift of mother nature that can easily satisfy the needs of various industries.