Talc in Cosmetic Industry

If we take a close look around the world, we will see that chemical and mineral products play a very important role in human life. Talc is one of the mineral products that are widely used in various industries such as cosmetics, hygiene and detergents. Talc is a soft mineral that breaks into powder with a simple touch. The transparency and whiteness of this powder is the result of the low thickness of the stratified layers. Five related properties of talc that make it useful in industrial applications are: softness, pastiness, chemical inertness, whiteness, and water absorption. These properties are the most important reasons for using talc in cosmetics and hygiene products. Talc affects the consistency and viscosity of cosmetic formulations. Water-based and solvent-based formulations all contain talc, as its water-absorbing capacity can prevent particles from sticking together and settling and improve the covering power of makeup.

The chemical inertness of talc makes it possible to use it in cosmetics. The most common ingredients used in cosmetics include water, perfumes, pigments, moisturizers, binders, thickeners, emulsifiers, and preservatives. Talc does not react chemically with any of these substances. It releases fragrances gradually and does not cause bacterial growth. Some newly formulated cosmetic products also contain active ingredients, highly unstable and reactive ingredients that add more benefits to cosmetic products. Talc allows their safe handling and combination in cosmetic products because it does not react with other ingredients. The quality and diversity of our talc is ideal for use in the production of colored cosmetics, it is also used in the production of skin and hair care products, toothpaste, body powders and deodorants.

All talc grades of our company are natural, high quality and free from carcinogenic elements and harmful chemicals.
Due to its ability to absorb oil, talc is the basic ingredient of almost all cosmetics in powder form. For example, body powders, types of cosmetic pancakes, baby powders are all made from talcum powder. In addition, talc also has a high shine and creates ideal colors, especially in makeup powders. It is also an excellent base for eyeshadows with high pigment and shine, and is suitable for creating more transparency in concealers, foundations and powders with excellent coverage.

The main features of Hanaakia talc in cosmetics

• Anti-caking agent
• Transparency and natural fading
• Pearly and shiny texture
• Uniform texture and the ability to spread on the skin
• Non-allergenic, non-irritant and antibacterial
• Imparts a matte effect to the skin

Various grades of Hanaakia talc provide excellent and 100% natural whitening and polishing materials for toothpaste, which can create a mechanical and mild polishing effect and whiten and clean the surface of the teeth without scratching, and at the same time It minimizes damage to enamel, dentine, root surfaces and gum tissue.

Hanaakia talc is an excellent base for body powders and baby powder because it does not contain any toxic substances, including asbestos, this product is the perfect base for excellent and completely natural skin exfoliation. And it is soothing and gives a soft and cool feeling to the skin. And it is soothing and gives a soft and cool feeling to the skin. It is also an ideal eco-friendly alternative to the polymer microbeads used in face and body scrubs..