Talc in Livestock Industry

Talcum Powder for Animal feed or for the nutrition industry is one of the most important minerals available for many industrial applications. Talc Powder has a greasy or soapy feel, and the pure one is extremely soft. Because of its natural and chemical properties, Talcum Powder is widely used as a filler and extender in various industrial applications. Our Talcum Powder For Animal Feed is in high demand in the market. It is recommended to use a magnesium supplement to increase muscle build-up and formation. Reduces gastric acidity, aids in lipid digestion, and acts as a lipid carrier in animal feed formulations. Talc’s hydrophobic nature aids in the formation of barrier properties and the extension of feed shelf life. There are significant advantages over calcium carbonate in feed formulations. We are the leading manufacturers of Talc lumps and deal in producing high-quality talcum powder for nutrition industry and animal feed.

Hanaakia talc grades are ideal technological additives for use in animal feed. They’re chemically inert and help with a range of issues from improving feed flow to enhancing pellet stability.
Our talc acts as a digestive aid for livestock and poultry, absorbing water and moisture in the animals’ gastrointestinal system, reducing effluents and helping to fight aflatoxins. It also acts as a binding and anti-caking agent, improving the flow of animal feed. also facilitates the processing of powders and granules for feed, and can act either as a binder or a lubricant, depending on how they’re used.
it prevents caking and promotes the free flow of feed, and it aids digestion by reducing the rate of passage in the gastrointestinal tract, enabling better absorption of all nutrients.
our talc is an excellent anti-caking agent, as a lubricant and dispersing agent that will also improve the flow of raw materials in animal feed. Naturally water repellent, talc forms a barrier around feed particles, reducing moisture evaporation and water uptake.
All our animal feed grade talcs pass numerous tests and trials to ensure they pose no toxicity risk to animals. We also formulate special grades designed for dust-free, high-specification environments.

Unique solutions based on natural minerals:
• Natural and eco-friendly
• Registered technological feed additives
• Proven efficacy in premixes and complete feed
• Cost efficient solutions
• Technical and regulatory support

Hanaakia talc’s benefits
• Hanaakia talc grades are excellent anticaking, lubricant and dispersing agents.
• Talc’s smooth and flat lamellae cover each particle, helping it to flow freely.
• Being hydrophobic, the talc particles form a barrier when they envelop the grains, feed particles, reducing the evaporation and uptake of moisture within the product mass.
• Talc’s soft nature ensures zero abrasion in feed processing equipment